LIC Monthly Savings Plans

LIC’s all the Plans are specially designed for all the people who will have different thoughts in their mind. As become your LIC Insurance Advisor it’s my responsibily to suggest you which is the best saving plan for you. Do not search any more on LIC Monthly Savings Plans. There is nothing but i think you need Insurance Planning Assist.
  • think about future savings
  • think about after retirement plannings
  • think about your child career
  • think about safety
  • think about security
  • think about your money growth
  • think about your future planning
  • thnik about your pension planning
  • think every thing but be positive when investment planning.For more Detail Visit Avdhoot Investment

6 Responses to LIC Monthly Savings Plans

  1. Dr. C.R. Kakani says:

    MY PPF A/C MATURED IN 2000 .now I am renewing every 5 years. How many times I can renew my a/c?

  2. Dr. C.R. Kakani says:

    when I reviewed LIC JEEVAN SARAL Plan the returns are not gurenteed. But in all brosures every agents assure doubles maturity in 10 years?
    What is your commets?

  3. R.T.Pun says:

    monthly plan

  4. savita says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I am planing to invest monthly 1500-2000 as i am a salaried person. I have 3 yrs old daughter and my montly income is 15000 . so please suggest some gud schemes in LIC also i m fine for plans that has yr premium aroung 5 to 6 K . I Have Jevan saral plan from LIC so suggest some gud plans.

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