LIC Group Term Insurance Scheme Detail

A) Nature of the Scheme:

Group (term) Insurance Scheme is meant to provide life insurance protection to groups of people. Administration of the scheme is on group basis and cost is low. Under Group (Term) Insurance Scheme, life insurance cover is allowed to all the members of a group subject to some simple insurability conditions without insisting upon any medical evidence. Scheme offers covers only on death and there is no maturity value at the end of the term.

B) Premium Chargeable:

Group (Term) Insurance Scheme is at present offered under One Year Renewable Group term assurance plan (OYRGTA). Every year on Annual Renewal date LIC charges the premium depending upon the changes in size and age distribution of the age group.

C) Different Schemes:

Group (term) Insurance Scheme has a number of varieties . The Scheme may provide for a uniform cover to all members of the group or graded covers for different categories of members, cover for all amounts of outstanding housing loans or vehicle advances, or some other benefits (e.g., life cover to supplement pension or PF benefits in case of death). The schemes may have add-ons like Double Accident Benefit,Critical Illness Benefit, Disability benefit etc.

D) General Featues of various Group Insurance Schemes:

The premium under such scheme may be wholly paid by the employer or the Nodal Agency. However, the scheme may be contributory i.e. the members may also contribute.

Double Accident Benefit, i.e. payment of double the sum assured on death due to accident (without permanent disability benefit), may be allowed under Group Insurance Schemes for an extra premium.

For Group Insurance Scheme in lieu of EDLIS the insurability condition is that should be a member of the Provident Fund Scheme of the employer. For other GI Schemes of employer-employee groups the insurability condition is that the member should not be absent on ground of sickness on the entry date. For all non-employer-employee Group Schemes the basic insurability condition is that the member should be in good health on the date of entry.

At the commencement and thereafter on each Annual Renewal Date, the Group Policyholder will have to send all the member’s data (and particulars of the new entrants from time to time) to the P & GS unit of LIC. Detailed OYRGTA premium calculation will be made on each Annual Renewal Date.

When a claim arises, the particulars of the respective member are to be intimated together with the claim form and death certificate.

Special Features of each Group Insurance Schemes can be obtained from the P&GS units of the Corporation.
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Source: LIC of India, Life Insurance Corporation of India


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