Systematic investing pays when markets correct

For those expecting the Sensex to touch 16,000 in the near term, last week’s market trend came as a jolt. With inflation continuing its upward trend, there wasn’t much good news and as a result, on Thursday, the Sensex lost over 400 points. It has once again brought back the fears of corrections at regular intervals and consensus is growing in favour of a weak market in the near term.

While the earlier sore points of high inflation and resulting higher interest rate regime continue to exist, the bad news during the week came in the form of higher crude oil prices. The mild surge in oil prices has strengthened the case for bears who are once again back in action. With traders too taking comfort in going short, one cannot expect a huge recovery in the stock prices in the coming days. Much of the uptrend would be triggered by short covering than value buying.

But the good news for long-term investors is that the market has begun to show resilience and the current weakness has factored in most of the bad news. The intermittent selling pressures , largely driven by foreign financial institutions, needs to lose momentum for the local investors to commit larger cash. The local institutional investors like insurance companies and mutual funds, have been sitting on a larger components of cash and have preferred to play the wait and watch game. For More click here


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